2023 Entry Information

In its third year, TRAILS invites artists to submit contemporary sculptures to both a multi-location, interior exhibition trail as well as to a single-location, interior miniatures exhibition, totalling up to 60 finalists.

Main Trail entries may be up to 80cm³ in volume and will be exhibited around Portland’s retail centre. There is no minimum size requirement for the Main Trail.

Miniature entries may be up to 30cm³ in volume and will be exhibited in a single interior location.

We encourage all artists, established and emerging to participate.

TRAILS Sculpture Prize is hosted by Committee for Portland.

To apply, please read all conditions and criteria below, and proceed to the entry form.

  • Exhibition: April 1 2023 - May 1 2023
  • Entries Open: Monday, November 14 2022
  • Entries Close: Friday, February 10 2023, 5PM
  • Announcement of selected works: Monday, February 27 2023

Conditions of Entry


  1. For the purpose of TRAILS Sculpture Prize, sculpture is defined as a freestanding, non-site specific, three-dimensional object in any medium. Hanging works will not be accepted.
  2. All entries must be the original work of the submitting artist and must have been completed within two years prior to the entry date.
  3. Main trail entries should not exceed 80cm³ in volume, have a stable base and not exceed 30kg.
  4. Miniatures entries should not exceed 30cm³ in volume, have a stable base.
  5. Artists may enter up to three works in each category.

Selection Process

Selection of entries for exhibition will be at the discretion of the exhibition’s appointed curatorial team.

The main trail will consist of up to 30 selected works.

The miniatures exhibition will consist of up to 30 selected works.

There is a total prize pool of $10,000, distributed as:

  • $5000 1st Prize (Main Trail)
  • $2000 2nd Prize (Main Trail)
  • $2000 1st Prize (Miniature)
  • $1000 (People’s Choice, Main or Miniatures)

Selected artists will also be considered for an art trail commission.

Exhibition criteria and process

  1. Entries must be submitted via this online platform including inclusion of a bank transfer payment reference. All works must be available for the full exhibition period. Work delivery and collection details will be provided following the selection process.
  2. Artists selected for exhibition are responsible for the transport of their work to and from Committee for Portland. This includes freight and transport costs in both directions.
  3. Artists selected for exhibition will be required to supply at least 1, at most 3, high resolution photographs taken on a white background or in suitable context of their final work.
  4. All works exhibited in the TRAILS Sculpture Prize will be for sale. Committee for Portland will deduct a commission of 30% from the sale price of any works sold through the TRAILS Sculpture Prize. Where appropriate, 50% of this commission will be paid to the artist’s representative. The sale price listed on the entry form will remain as the final sale price on all promotional material if the artist is selected as an exhibitor.
  5. All care will be taken when handling works, however Committee for Portland will not be responsible for loss, theft or damage. Artists are responsible for the shipping and insurance cover of their works.
  6. The placement of selected works within the exhibition will be at the discretion of the exhibition’s appointed curatorial team.
  7. Artists grant TRAILS Sculpture Prize and its licensees the right to reproduce their work and biographical material by any means in any media for archival and promotional purposes. The artist and their gallery (if applicable) will be properly acknowledged in such material.
  8. While the Exhibition format is deemed COVID-safe, Committee for Portland reserves the right to cancel or postpone the exhibition, in which case the entry fees will be refunded.

Entry Payment

Each separate work submitted by the artist incurs an entry fee of $30 (AUD).

The entry fee must be paid by bank transfer to:

  • Committee for Portland Inc
  • BSB: 803-136
  • ACC: 10-003-1394

with a 'transfer reference' including the word TRAILS and the artist initials.

For example: Robyn McDonald submits 2 works, transfers $60 and includes the reference TRAILSRM in her entry submission.

Later, she submits 1 more work, transfers an additional $30 and enters the same reference, TRAILSRM.

The entry fee is non-refundable except if the exhibition is cancelled due to public health guidelines or unforeseen circumstances.

All entry queries can be directed to: