2022 Finalists

This year TRAILS finalists included artists from Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales. The works reflected a range of media, techniques and experience, providing viewers with a broad spectrum from which to cast their People's Choice vote.

Home Sweet - dumplings

Sandra Winkworth with Mr Ziggy

acrylic, found house paint and food packaging
600 x 200 x 300 mm

After a year of living and playing together, a creative collaboration with Mr Ziggy, a miniature bunny, was born. Everyday this domestic buck busily remodels by ripping and chewing, an assortment of grocery boxes. I respond onto these inspiring structures as they steadily grow in our shared and loving home.

Exhibited at Matts Lotto, 2022

Home Sweet - dumplings - Sandra Winkworth with Mr Ziggy

Participating Businesses

  • A Little Decorum
  • Admellas Fruit n’ Veg
  • Alex Cancian Menswear
  • Bedazzled
  • Creative Space Courtyard
  • Gazebo Hair
  • Hollands Framing
  • Intimate Apparel
  • JSCS Artisan Store
  • Julia Street Creative Space
  • Kevin Paisley Optometrist
  • KnS Precious Products
  • Matts Lotto
  • Men's Gear and Beer
  • Moynes Fashion
  • Nautilus Bookstore
  • Ocean Breeze Beauty Therapy
  • Portland Bay Press
  • Portland Business Hub
  • Portland Eyecare
  • Portland Studios
  • Prestige Promotions
  • Print Squad
  • Private Office
  • Sarah Aley Therapeutic Massage & Damian Goodman Photography
  • Smith's Showcase Jewellers
  • Squidlydids for Kids
  • Stratus Legal Group
  • Sugar Sugar Candy Co
  • Victorian Fisheries Authority
  • Voyage Surf Ski and Skate